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BigBaler 1290 Thunder01 v1.0
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BigBaler 1290 Thunder01 v1.0

This is the Big Baler 1290
Costs € 10,200
Cost per Day 19 €
and is designed for 40 € for rent
Accumulated a widened catchment
so you can better go around the curves!
Eject bales of 6000 Kg
Working speed of 25 kmh!

Modell: Big Baler 1290
Textur: Von mir Thunder01
Script: Giants Und Meine
Idee / Konzept: Aus Frust und Lange Weile
Tester: Ich Thunder01 Vega und alle anderen
Sonstiges: Verbreiterter Einzug 6tonnen aus wurf

  • Ford fan 69
    2018-09-07 23:36
    awesome baler be even better if it was default paint job with bigger bale size like the NH BB980 or HESSTON balers as I do love the bigger pickup on this one & the bigger tires/rims. one cool baler all in all.
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