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Bikini Bottom Pack By ziczic33
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Bikini Bottom Pack By ziczic33

Je vous présente mon Fun Mod pour Farming Simulator 17 -Bikini Bottom Pack-
Il y a 9 personnages et 4 maisons du dessin animée Bob L’éponge.
Contenue du pack;

Les personnages;
1:    Bob L’éponge
2:    Carlo le Clamare
3:    Eugen Crab
4:    Garry L'escargot
5.6: Karen le Robot et Plankton
7:    Madame Puff
8:    Patrick L’étoile de mer
9:    Sandy l'écureuil

Les Maisons;
1: La maison de Bob L’éponge
2: La maison de Carlo le Clamare
3: la maison de Patrick
4: Le restaurant The Krusty Krab


Model: Ziczic33
Texture: Ziczic33
Script: Ziczic33
Idea / Concept: Ziczic33
Testing: Ziczic33
Other: Ziczic33

  • ....
    2016-11-27 23:06
    I hate you... I truly do hate you. What crap, what a waste of time. These without a doubt are the stupidest mods i've ever seen out of all the Farming Simulator games. Just blows my mind it really does.
  • Alain
    2016-11-27 23:38
    il a raison il ya des mods plus serieux a faire exemple ( MISCHSTATION ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Agree
    2016-11-27 23:48
    Good example, a mix station would be nice.
  • He is a pedophile
    2016-11-28 00:19
    This turd likes watching boys get undressed at his local school. Beware of pedophile's like this.
  • Semp
    2017-03-08 02:05
    I downloaded this mod, placed it in a map for my own personal use, hooked up the wheel and controls and let my children drive around . When they saw this little town the giggles and laughter the came from the computer room made my day. They like to explore every inch of the map. So putting a little "easter egg" for them in a corner somewhere was no loss to the functionality of the map.
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