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BIO Diesel Raffinerie platzierbar v1.0.1
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BIO Diesel Raffinerie platzierbar v1.0.1

Diesel is expensive, so why not produce what!

Version 1.0.1
mistake eliminated
By-product in fodder

This refinery is now possible.
You need only rape and as a product you get BIO_Diesel and as a waste product fodder.
A special thanks go to here
Who supported me with advice.

Idea, Textures, Edit and all Changes: t2k-lsmodding(thoralf2002, PP);
tech. Objects, Containers by Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2);
fuelStation LS11:unbekannt; Silos LS11:unbekannt; Hedge LS11:unbekannt; Oeltanks:LS11unbekannt ;
GTX Mods.
Marhu and kevink98 for the Fabrik Script.

  • Mark
    2017-01-02 22:17
    is there a sell point for the diesel that is produced , or is it just for producing diesel for personal use ?
  • Brandon
    2017-01-02 22:26
    Error: C:/Users/Brandon/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/LS17_Raffinerie_placeable/modDesc.xml. l10n. .Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod LS17_Raffinerie_placeable
  • Ich


    2017-01-02 23:39
    new version Modhoster
  • Guest
    2017-01-03 00:29
    @BRANDON, if you open the zip for enuff to edit the modesc xml file look at the last entry in the l10 list there is something looks like this,
  • Guest
    2017-01-03 00:36
    @BRANDON, lol, it wouldn't let me put it here, any way the last line has two endings, will only accept one, erase the one below the line, its wrong anyway.
  • Ohiobeezer
    2017-01-03 03:41
    I tried to use this... but I am unable to get rape to install and be usable... don't know what I am doing wrong.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-01-03 05:11
    Doesn't work, the dump trigger doesn't come up and I unable to dump rape.
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-01-03 09:48
    Hi..Took out that Extra line in "L10 entries, Mod now shows for "activation". Mod activated, placed on the farm I am playing now "NF Marsch 1.7" Mod worls as it should, takes "Rape" and outputs Fuel. Just the mod I need for use with "Slow Soja Factory" ( a placeable ) that I use on "Hodds Farm" Thanks Bob.
  • Brandon
    2017-01-04 02:07
    thanks it works now
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