Farming simulator 2019 mods
Bizon Z056 SKR/PGR Zlomek v1.0
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Bizon Z056 SKR/PGR Zlomek v1.0

What is Baikal?
Manual firing
Hand brake
Clear log of errors and scripts !! There were 18 warnings and 4 Errings!
Real cock
Real lights
Real txt
The rooster lights up when the tank is full (80%)
Real scale
Real speed
Real power
Real sounds
Animations almost everything
Adding and subtracting gas to a key
The tube opens after leaving the cabin
All flaps open on the key at the approach
Removing and inserting the chopper covers on the button at the approach
Spreading and folding the forage harvester on the approach
Getting up in the shaper (the throat is better)
Heat pump activated
Twisting and twisting the concave key
Turns the header on
Manually raising and lowering the header
Maneuvers raised and lowered on the key
Slides and slides
Movement speed adjustable to the key
Change of the field distributors to the rape table and vice versa on the approach button
All pulleys, walkers, etc.
The sound of pouring grain from the tank
The sound of throwing the gear
Leaves traces
Dirt from the wheels
Animations on the boards
A new stream of smoke from the exhaust pipe
Collision of the discharge pipe
A new animation of smoke from the forage
Collier with improved collision (Do not dig into the soil after pull)
Heder Multifruit
Collision of beaks and rape sacks
Filling tank grain animation
We will extract the mods to the mods folder
NO ADDING to modpackow
Please do not change the link!

Model: Marcello1942, Asd4, Grzegorz056
Tires: Pavson69
Textura: ??
Script: Rockstar94
Edit: MafiaGrabina (formerly President3P / ziarkovi)
FS17: Kantez

  • Sturdy
    2017-10-29 01:49
    Warning: 'vehicle.mouseControls' are not supported anymore. Use 'vehicle.movingTools.movingTool.controls#iconFilename' instead!Warning: 3D stereo audio files are not supported. Convert 'H:/karty/mods/BIZON_ZLOMEK/dzwiek/silnik.wav'. to monoWarning: 3D stereo audio files are not supported. Convert 'H:/karty/mods/BIZON_ZLOMEK/dzwiek/run.wav'. to monoError: index out of range
  • Sturdy
    2017-10-29 01:51
    Index: 0>4|2|11Error: index out of rangeLUA call stack:Index: 0>4|2|14Index: 0>4|2|15Index: 0>4|2|13Index: 0>4|2|12
  • Oh snap!
    2017-10-29 03:27
    "real cock"....
  • Wegde
    2017-10-31 12:24
    really neet old combine, works great.
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-31 19:22
    mod video here......................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pubZ5ndQpso
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