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Black Mountain Montana v2.0
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Black Mountain Montana v2.0

Welcome to Montana, the Big Sky Country. This map uses real world terrain from the Big Flat area near Missoula Montana. Most of the map is mountainous forest with some flat farm land in the Northeast. This is a forestry map with limited farming. The cows, sheep, pigs and chickens are on the map and there are enough arable fields for a single player to make a living at farming.

Version 2.0 Changelog:
-Snow mask and custom weather added for Seasons Mod compatibility.
-Chopped straw added.
-Mud and terrain control added.
-BGA plant added.
-Roads changed to US highway colored lines.
-Open space created around sheep farm and pig's enclosure for placeables.
-Some objects and buildings changed.

The Seasons Mod recommends starting a new career. The addition of the BGA plant required the partial removal of field 3. That will change the crop growth (fruit_density) for that area. For those reasons it will be best to start a new career on this version of the map. If you wish to continue with your old career on this new version, rename the map to "BlackMountain" and place it in the FS17 mods folder.

Map Features:
Dairy cow's pasture, pig's enclosure and chicken coop near player farm.
Sheep's pasture to the Northwest in Sherman Gulch.
Eight arable fields ranging in size from 1.8 to 5.6 hectares with a total of 33 ha.

Sell points:
-Hay, grass and straw in the red barn at the player farm (Barn on PDA).
-Manure and liquid manure at Mary's Farm to the North.
-Logs and wood chips at Stanton Sawmill in the center of the map.
-Wood chips and silage at the Biomass Plant in the town to the Northeast.
-Three sell points for grain and root crops:
1. Wright Agribusiness to the Northwest.
2. Goldcrest Pacific Grain to the Northeast across the river.
3. Denton Bakery in the town to the Northeast.
-Eggs are sold at Denton Bakery and the diner to the Northeast.
-Livestock is bought and sold at the Livestock Market to the Northeast across the river.
-Wool is sold at the Spinnery near the Livestock Market and Goldcrest Pacific.
-Biogas Plant located in the North center of the map buys silage and manure.

Water can be pumped from the Clark Fork River to the Northeast. There are also fountains at the player farm (by the red barn) and
near the sheep's pasture by the mining shed.

There are gold nuggets scattered around the mountains. The abandoned gold mine to the Northwest is a good place to start looking for them.
Fertilizer and seed triggers are on the main farm.
There is a gas pump at the main farm and a gas station in the town to the Northeast. You can also refuel by the barrels and gas cans at the logging camps on Horseback Ridge and Middle Ridge.
The best timber on the map is near the logging camps to the Southeast and Southwest. The logging roads in the mountains are challenging. Plan out you haul routes carefully. The steeper trails down the ridges are for skidding logs. Since they are not used often they will frequently have dead trees across them. Those trees can be removed with a chainsaw.

Ag Hauler/Timbojigs
Giants Software
FS-UK and American Eagles Modding
Dorset: Gates, fences, foliage
CBJ Midwest Modding: Quonset Hut, Shop, Livestock Market
Fatian: Road set
Rambow145: Camp Fire
Decker_MMIV, igor29381: Mud/Terrain Control
Webalizer: Chopped Straw
Realismus Modding: Seasons

  • Millermm
    2017-07-09 15:32
    it dont work came up with a error
  • Dc-david
    2017-07-09 17:31
    Very nice looking map. Works great so far for me. Thanks! @ MILLERMM: sounds like you may have a mod conflict possibly as I didn't have any trouble running it last night. It works for me atm.
  • Dc-david
    2017-07-09 17:34
    @ MILLERMM, I forgot to mention that when I downloaded v2, this site did not have it yet so I got it from fs uk. If not a mod conflict, then possibly something wrong with the file on this site.
  • Reefer
    2017-07-09 18:29
    could not get mine to load either but might be my isp just stopped on loading screen. will update later to see.
  • Tim121672
    2017-07-10 05:28
    Anyone who is having problems try getting rid of the dirt terrain mod and anything that alters the ground like the animal cleanliness mod and mods of the sort. And always try to run just one map at a time in your mod folder, this prevents bleedoff from other maps. I run over 900 mods in my games and have no problems. This map runs great for me.
  • Sdfarmer
    2017-07-25 17:58
    Hey guy above me.. shut the hell up !! If you want to pay for our game, we"ll play it how you want, since you didn't what does it matter to you how many mods people use??
  • Mjs


    2017-09-10 10:15
    This is a fantastic map. Love the mountains and forest layout matched with smaller fields.
  • Harry
    2017-10-10 12:01
    J'aime beaucoup cette map. Le décor est bien fait. Cela me rappelle mon séjour à Whitefish au Montana. Je me demandais si un jour, il n'y aurai pas une version de cette carte, avec un élevage de bisons pour la viande, ainsi qu'un élevage de chevaux vendus à des centres équestres. Merci aux concepteurs de maps et de véhicules divers. Grâce à vous, nous avons une profusion de mods qui satisfait pleinement à notre passion. Merci de tout cœur.
  • Hootmt
    2017-11-18 18:57
    @HARRY, thank you. Whitefish Montana is about 100 km north of Missoula which is the source of the terrain for this map so it is very similar. I made this map for forestry so never really considered bison or horses. There are several ranchers in the Missoula valley that raise bison, so it would be a realistic addition to the map. Horses are also an important part of the economy here. Thanks for the suggestions and comments.Hoot
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