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Blacked out combine with header v1.1
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Blacked out combine with header v1.1

it is a aimple newholland harvester blacked out and a header also blacked out.

lewis 9804

  • Wtf?!?
    2017-04-26 05:53
    Looks like shit, Good job retard
  • Lewis9804
    2017-04-26 18:16
    like you could make anything better i think this moder is just starting out and this is his first mod so take a break.
  • @lewis9804
    2017-04-26 20:39
    First off lewis, The person who made this isnt a modder, he / she would be an Editor...since this is a edit. Second, I have been editing / fixing / working on FS mods since the early FS15 days, so over 2 years now. I've done some great edits / fixes for FS17.
  • Lewis9804
    2017-04-26 20:56
    ok but i am the one that made it
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