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Blue Boat v1.0
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Blue Boat v1.0

I make this boat just for fun in beta test but works fine
Ready to Fishfood Crab Shark Garfish
have fun
Model: Unknow
Texture: Original
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: TheSnake


  • Max


    2017-08-26 01:00 Send message
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    Ive managed to get this showing up in the mod list but not in the store. Any way to get it showing up in store?
  • Thecleaner
    2017-08-26 01:19 Send message
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    @MAX i got the last version of game? try with nothing in the mod folder maybe a conflit for me works fine
  • Monte
    2017-08-26 03:30 Send message
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    @MAX try unzipping the mod
  • Bishop patrick
    2017-08-27 23:17 Send message
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    Under what category does it appear in the shop ?
  • Max


    2017-08-29 02:32 Send message
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    Ive just unzipped the mod. Anyone know which map would be best to try using it on?
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