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Bolusowo Map v5.0
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Bolusowo Map v5.0

The Map has:
- Amazing Polish Climate,
- i3d 1.37 mb file,
- 24.1 mb shape file,
- 4 farms (for small and medium machines),
- Cows and chickens
- dogs and cats on each farm
- Medium and large field size,
- Beautiful terrain,
- Old textures from LS'a13,
- Mud and swamps,
- separate silos on each farm
- Functional cows on only one farm
- Purchase and machine shop,
- Water for cows to buy at each of the hydrants
- Fertilizers and seeds to be filled on each farm
- No collisions on trees for better maneuvering on fields and farms
- No collision on the gate
- Some errors from the log removed
- Much much more

-DL http://sharemods.com/mk8f9krn9om3/Otworz_to___.zip.html

Respect someone's work as the first Author
MafiaSolec Games

Also my work as a person who has contributed to you
play On this map in Farming 17

MafiaSolec & FristaJl

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