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Boss snow plow v0.1
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Boss snow plow v0.1

Here is my old v plow i made a new one and i and give it to you
Price: 800
Dailyupkeep: 5
Brand: Lizard
Category: Misc
Author: Ben Smith

ben smith

  • Wow


    2018-02-17 19:47
    ben smith is super awesome giving the community his third rate beginner garbage! and only 9mb for a simple model? that takes mad skillz to inflate something so simple into something so huge! WE'RE NOT WORTHY, BEN!
  • Jonathan baksh
    2018-02-17 22:54
    No one want your snu plow,,,, woodmeadow farm makes better than u evr will,,,,,
  • Killian
    2018-02-18 18:21
    Where did you find those trucks??
  • Silviu1993
    2018-02-18 19:10
    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZI0J65BEI8&t=1s
  • Tj1050
    2018-02-19 14:31
    Does anybody have the link for that F250 in the picture?
  • Woodmeadowsucksass
    2018-03-27 22:35
    Woodmeadow is lag, errors, and over-chromed, unfinished garbage. Vehicles, maps, every last minute is spent making cut and pasted junk and releasing it as finished.
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