Farming simulator 2019 mods
Bossini B200 Standard v4.0 JD Skin
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Bossini B200 Standard v4.0 JD Skin

Bossini B200 V4.0 Beta:
PTO Manual Attach -> Rotation PTO and sounds Work
Arm Animated with sounds
Real Lights Shader
Double BeacoLight (add design)
4 Different Tyre Types/Model (Michelin CargoxBib, Alliance Flotation,Vredestein Flotation Trac and Mitas BigTires.

Model: TurboSquid,Aurora Team,STv-Modding
Texture: Aurora Team,STv-Modding
Script: STv-Modding
Idea / Concept:TurboSquid,Aurora Team,STv-Modding
Testing: Aurora Team,STv-Modding
Other: DDModPassion,Paulo5090r,Mirozed,Gabry982

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