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Brock Bin Pack v1.0
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Brock Bin Pack v1.0

Here is the brock placeable bin pack!

- 4 different sizes includes, 200k, 300k, 400k, 500k
- Placeable
- Fillable with Farmking auger only
- Uses Sakundiak to unload

Hopefully a v2 will include a fill level indicator. Just unpack the bins and put them into your mod folder.

I take NO credit for making the bin or the triggers used in this mod. The triggers came from the auger pack and the bins came from Rand0msparks map. I just put it all together to make these for everyone to enjoy!

  • Daniel
    2017-05-04 15:48
    hello its a nice mod butt why needs 2 more mods for fill and empty it place a fill and empty tools to this silo thanks daniel
  • Weird
    2017-05-05 20:38
    I live in America, and my grandfather had Brock bins. He did not have an auger that had to be moved around to fill them. It was built into the ground and they dumped the soybeans into a pit where the auger feed was.
  • Awiley0014
    2017-05-11 04:56
    you cant store any grain in them. If you could fix that error it would be amazing
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