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Bruks v1.2
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Bruks v1.2

Wood chipper on chips
Color selection

Following motorized vehicles:
1.) Tractor with front attacher
2.) Tractor with front end loader arms
3.) Skidsteer
4.) Front End Loader
5.) Telehandler

Bigdady, Dimanix,Musane,SFL

  • Farmer
    2017-01-16 15:16
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    Very much better from Bigdady's version. Works perfect now on tractor's front attacher, don't need to go back and forward 1000 times. Thanks Bosmitt for fixing and share.
  • Steeldriver
    2017-05-03 09:02
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    i got this mod to work. it takes some finess and back and forth to get stump cutters to work. when taking on a full tree, lift header and will cut fasterthen lower into the stump.
  • Steeldriver
    2017-05-03 09:04
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    for faster production use the scorpion to make a pile of logs. i had enough logs in a pile of logs i rammed into full speed. everything disappeared and trailer was full. went to unload, then it refilled, did this over and over i had over 200k chopped stuck in the chute so no need to unload when trailer full
  • Steeldriver
    2017-05-03 09:07
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    cuts stump faster when tree is already harvested.would be nice if there was a way to speed up the cutter and stumper.
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