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Bruks Un Bigdaddy v1.0.1
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Bruks Un Bigdaddy v1.0.1

Here is the Bruks Un Bigdaddy. I have modified the original Bruks un by Dimanix (Original Creator) so that it will now cut down trees and makes woodchips. If you purchase and attach the stump cutter attachment, you will also be able to grind the stumps as well. I wanted to have all the features in one mod without having to make a seperate stump cutter attachment, however the way scripts are done in FS17 as oppose to FS15 this was not able to be done. Once I added the stumpcutter function to the Bruks it would cut down the tree and grind it up without making woodchips. This now functions similar to the Bruks Un Plus that everyone enjoyed in Farming Simulator 15. Please note that you will need to purchase each item seperate and will need to attach the Bigdaddy stump cutter once to the Bruks and you will have a all in one woodchiping, tree cutting, stump grinding machine to make any forest a breeze to harvest. It is recommended to pull a trailer behind while doing this, however it also has a large capacity and can use the tip anywhere feature as well. If you have any questions please see the attached photos for clarification. I will also post Youtube Videos showing how it assemble it as well all the great features of it.
It will be able to be used with the following motorized vehicles:
1.) Tractor with front attacher
2.) Tractor with front end loader arms
3.) Skidsteer
4.) Front End Loader
5.) Telehandler

This was fully tested and functional in SP, MP, & Dedicated Server.
Again if any errors pop up or you have any suggestions, feel free to post them here in the comments section.

V1.0 - Released On 1/6/17
V1.1 - Revised Skidsteer attacher joint location.

Original Mod Dimanix
Edited and Modified by Bigdaddy012678
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  • Bigdaddy78
    2017-01-07 14:59
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    Sorry, had a typo in original changelog, should read:Changelog:V1.0 - Released On 1/6/17V1.0.1 - Revised Skidsteer attacher joint location.
  • Mark
    2017-01-07 18:00
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    great mod , certainly makes tree removal less of a pain for those that are not into logging , but want an easy fuss free way of removing trees that get in the way . the work area though is very small . its taking inching back and forwards to get it in the spot , then another minute movement to get the stump cut . if these could be adjusted slightly , it would make a big difference . but have to say , i love this mod .
  • Murtlock
    2017-01-07 20:54
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    does this version work on steam acc. i cant get it installed pls help nice mod.
  • Damian
    2017-01-07 22:55
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    can you fix it. It shows up i go to buy it and it is not a bruks un
  • ..


    2017-01-08 01:48
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    still a piece of shit takes for ever to find the right area to cut up a tree
  • Name
    2017-01-08 11:48
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    The idea is very nice but as already said above it's very difficult to make it work for the stumps. Needs adjustment. Hopefully you can add it on a frontloader and then you can work with it more easy. Thanks for the mod.
  • Kohlerlove
    2017-01-09 00:09
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    works great for me
  • Eagle355th
    2017-01-09 04:00
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    Dang I got to check this out I'll making it faster LOL!
  • Eagle355th
    2017-01-09 04:02
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    I just checked it out It's running Great!
  • Faelandaea
    2017-01-09 04:50
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    I still chuckle at all the Bruks mods. Literally every single one of them use the same exact logo which was not even trimmed. Literally hundreds of huge, high quality Bruks logos are all over a Google image search, yet the mod authors use the same one. Still, though, functionally I love this mod, and I recommend it for download. Cool machine. just wish i knew why the mod authors love that bad logo texture so much. LOL
  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-09 05:05
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    i like the sound of this tool being able to fell trees & chip them only issue i have is i cant seem to attach the stump grinder to it that came with it & i line it up every time like the pic shows but no attach HUD or anything im confused.
  • Ks


    2017-01-09 13:41
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    zzzzz.. you have to nearly run over it with the implement from one side then you can attach the stumpcutter, and it works great
  • Johnnyhughes
    2018-08-04 15:44
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    If you are getting an Error in your log.txt about: FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_Bruks_Un_Bigdaddy/brand_lizard.png'Here is the fix:https://pvmods.enjin.com/home/m/31719950/viewthread/31399528-big-daddy-bruks-un-chipper-errorThis is happening with FS17, Version: b1848
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