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BsM Truck 850 Hook v1.0.0.3
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BsM Truck 850 Hook v1.0.0.3

Hooklift trucks can lift and transport several different kinds of containers.

- Now, it is no longer possible to use the Hook in "semi support" mode.
- Added new 3-point attacher to the front of the truck

Works with the IT Runner Pack.
Price: 195000€
Maintenance: 195€ / day
100 Km/h
lifting axle

- Now 3 types wheels
- Shorter steering sticks
- Shorter truck in "trailer support" mode
- Power increase
- Added Spoiler,Bullbar options
- Added power PTO

Required Mods:
- ITRunner Pack (By: GIANTS Software)

BlackSheep Modding

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