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Budni Traktorista v3.0
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Budni Traktorista v3.0

- 11 fields on the map
- Initially, your 1 field
- On a farm of pigs and cows
- You can perform tasks in the fields
- Quarry, but the sand from there can only carry KAMAZ 5511.
- Multiple points of sale

Changes 2.0:
- There are changes in career
- Cleared base from trash
- Redesigned road near the base
- Added scales to second base
- Full functionality of the second base
- Added some elements to the map
- Added to the map sawmill "while there are only sales of trees, you can also sell trees in the water in the sawmill"

Changes 3.0:
Updated the texture.
One field in the property.
Cultures and animals are standard.
Car traffic.
Starting technology.
Transportation of sand.
The dirt is registered.

Дмитрий Антонов, Паша Татарчук, FS-TV, Bloody Mary

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