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Bugatti Chiron Vision GT v1.0
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Bugatti Chiron Vision GT v1.0

Hello my dear LS17 player!
I want my Bugatti Chiron Vision GT imagining and offer you to download today.
!This is a FUN Mod!

Among the features:
Low beam and taillight
and it is a race car (! not approved for the road!)
Important information!
Who Mekert it must keep to yourself.
I please you very politely this mod NOT on another page upload !!
So enough said, I wish you much fun with the mod.
Best regards
John Deere 5615F (Chi Zack Gameing)

Modell: Assetto Corsa/3D models
Textur: Assetto Corsa/3D models
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: John Deere 5615F (TschiZackGameing)
Tester: John Deere 5615F (TschiZackGameing)
Sonstige: John Deere 5615F (TschiZackGameing)

  • Dominic
    2017-04-08 05:43
    love it
  • Sadsatan
    2017-04-08 09:19
    a che c........ serve? ha 1000 cavalli quest auto ma non può lavorare la terra!!!!
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-10 21:17
    So freakin amazing, the only problem i have is the gas goes down way too fast but other than that the mod is great!
  • Sssssssss
    2018-10-07 18:05
    how to donlowd this mod?
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