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Bugatti Veyron v1.0.0
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Bugatti Veyron v1.0.0

This my Bugatti Veyron
This mod is just for fun
has opening doors and hood.
And has option to have a spoiler or not
Textur: winston9587, Testing and Pics By carolinaboy

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  • Farmer
    2017-10-03 01:56
    Doesn't work, takes too long when purchased. Other issue is it's an 86mb file for one vehicle. Only 82 mb too large
  • Very high detail mod
    2017-10-03 18:44
    82mb it's because it is a very high detailed mod, most punks can't use it because they have punny PC's Highest detail bugatti in game and Winston doesn't upload to this site any more, only Modland.NET. This is Thomas doing it trying to get more to downloads from this crappy site.
  • Psmodding
    2017-11-08 16:23
    You guys, you cant have any dirt addon type stuff activated in the mod list, if they are not activated then the mod will work.
  • Konrad
    2018-06-19 18:07
    someone please make this mod for consoles
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