Farming simulator 2019 mods
Buhalovo2 FS 17 v1
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Buhalovo2 FS 17 v1

2 Farms;
Cows, Chickens, Sheeps;
2 Grain sell point;
2 Village;
Beautiful landscape.

Ден Бен

  • Peterman
    2016-11-15 10:05
    PLEASE, Tautvis, look at the Collisions on your maps. 80% of the Buildings, Fences and Trees have NO collisions!
  • Tom


    2016-11-15 12:54
    Tautvis is just a kid that "converts" fs15 maps to fs17. None of them are his own and they are shit conversions with a ton of bugs.Regarding the no collisions on objects, its for better performance. Its not realistic, i agree, but it helps a lot on performance.
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