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Bumblebes village 2017 BETA
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Bumblebes village 2017 BETA

I will not bore you sáhodlouhými introduction speeches and notices how should behave LS community issued a mode and how they should dispose of them. It says almost everywhere and for everyone Modera today is a dream that everything was as it should be. Edit the map in person permits, but only for their own needs or the needs of your team, as it may not be for everyone as it is built. If there is edited somewhere on the web that then immediately descend only V.I.P creation. Demands the appearance of maps covering an area of ​​2x2 km, is very similar to the version of the map of 2015. Changes were made in the shapes of fields and meadows and added road. Just looking at the PDA itself is obvious that playing in Single Player mode is only suitable northwestern quarter of the map where there is also a small team, on which appears the basic machinery and tools at the start of the game. Now then, imagine map. In addition, a description and photographs are applied. Some note miniature PDA in the lower right corner, and white dots, which shows where the site is located.

  • Čmelák 12
    2017-04-15 01:00
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    Who said you could hang a map here below other link ???
  • Jack
    2017-04-15 13:48
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    not all the icons on the pda are at the correct place
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