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Bundeswehr loaders Faun SLT Franziska v1.0
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Bundeswehr loaders Faun SLT Franziska v1.0

Since many have me asked if I "can make new" the Faun SLT Franziska loaders from LS15 for LS17 I this just made it :)
The Tractor 56T Franziska tractor comes with an engine with 1210 liters and a maximum speed of 89km / h for the price of ~ € 286,000
And the truck 56T Lowboy Franziska comes with a price of 14,000 €
Since I have this mod only Converts, I have absolutely nothing to the Modified Initial Mod :)
Nevertheless, I hope that you like this "new" Mod :)
The original Mod: Link
LG VeqaZ

Modell: Cabrillo
Textur: Cabrillo
Idee / Konzept: Cabrillo
Tester: Cabrillo

  • Cabrillo
    2016-12-03 23:38 Send message
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    This is my mod!!!!!!!please delete this Mod
  • Hust
    2016-12-04 13:04 Send message
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    This mod is for fs15 not fs17
  • Hank hill
    2017-10-29 22:35 Send message
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    CABRILLOi had this mod for fs15 its a good mod makes hauling combines so much easier thanks
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