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Buscot Park Farm Updated v1.0.1.0
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Buscot Park Farm Updated v1.0.1.0

** Update ***
- Installed mud mod
- Included a purchasble mini storage facility ideal for bales etc located at CFM and Agri Kings (field13 and 14)
- Adjusted some fences
- Added some more cattle grids
- Added new tip collisions on silage pits at farm
- Added signs for animal market
- Water refill trigger located at large lake and small lake at each end of farm
- Terrain and foliage updates
- Increased clip distances for objects
- Updated PDA map


  • Flusty94
    2017-06-16 21:17
    I've noticed that the PDA map is slightly out of line, therefore I have rectified this and re-upload a seperate PDA map, please replace the pda_map_H.dds file in the /maps directory with this new one...Mediafire Link:https://www.mediafire.com/?b2wmf54bezb11zy
  • Flusty94
    2017-06-16 21:26
    It is also seasons mod compatible!
  • Mafiozos68
    2017-06-16 22:13
    Map looks promising but it doesn't open to me. Only loading for hours.I'm looking forward for an update
  • Flusty94
    2017-06-16 22:18
    There's no errors in the log so it should load up fine
  • Richardg
    2017-06-16 23:44
    mafiozos68 it will be a mod conflict some where cos the map has no errors what so ever
  • Mafiozos68
    2017-06-17 07:05
    Thanks I'll give it a try only with seasons mod & no other mods
  • Fsreviews
    2017-08-01 08:52
    FLusty94 I did a review of your map and got a message as follows:Buscot is in Oxfordshire bordering Gloustershire, Can you put me in touch with map creator? as I would like to know what farm if any this is based off (I'm from Faringdon just down road from Buscot)Any chance you could make contact with him? Link to review belowhttps://youtu.be/prjuXoQ-0vs
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