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Buyable Chickens v1.0
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Buyable Chickens v1.0

I have finally present you with the ability to buy, sell and transport chickens in FS17.
Please note this must be imported into a mod map through giants editor there is a short tutorial within zip file.
There is also a modified version of the Joskin Betimax RDS7500 that can transport chickens there is a dummy placeholder as I am cannot model chickens to save my life but other than that works great.
​Please note at this time its not MP Ready (Coming Soon..)
Please do note upload this to any other sites with out my permissions.

Ian898 / CBModding

  • Sturdy
    2016-11-06 11:09
    guys don't download this deceiver he is.there's just a texture and not something more
  • Jack
    2016-11-07 01:52
    Guys, no need for the rude comments. There are children on the mod sites!!This would be a wonderful mod, but it's just that you have install with GE and I am not experienced with it. Great that we have this mod available for modders!!! *thumbs up* ;)Just please stop with the comments! Thanks! :)
  • Mercier sandrine
    2017-01-02 13:28
    bonjour comment faire pour mettre le mod buyable chickens je voudrais avoir de l'aide pour installer merci beaucoup salutation mademoiselle mercier sandrine
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