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California Central Valley v1 Beta
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California Central Valley v1 Beta

Hello Fs17 fans
Beta Tester wanted. After 3 months of construction, as well as full-time work and evening studies, my map is not yet finished but has reached the beta test status. So I would be very glad that you test the map and give me your feedback on what I should improve in the V2.
For questions I am available.

Planned for the future:
. delete flying objects and finish the emty parts of the map
. Better integrate forestry
. New industries such as mining and construction
. And of course your opinions

The map is based as in the FS15 in California, but was rebuilt from the ground up. As in real California, one of the main focal points is dairy farming.
Lots of fun and happy tractor driving

and all great moder like
CBJ Midwest Modding
Fraser Cow
Dutch Agricultural Modelling
t2k-lsmodding(thoralf2002, PP);
Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2);

  • Thecleaner
    2017-01-29 12:28
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    Need to be optimized and have many errors
  • Kalkani
    2017-01-29 17:55
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    dude its hes beta.... u need to point out the errors u find and bugs if u wanna be helpfull lol Need to be optimized and have many errors is not wery helpfull =P testing the map now and will get back if i find anything
  • Ron


    2017-01-29 20:42
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    would be a good map if the errors was fixed better graphics
  • Pache
    2017-01-29 20:45
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    Has anyone found the main storage silos. ive looked but must be missing them
  • Jim


    2017-01-29 22:26
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    Very good job at attempting to get this going. Good concept. But i cant get going in the map. I have a damn good PC and im only getting 40 down to the 10s frame rates. Needs to have the files cleaned up and errors fixed. Good job though for a Beta
  • Name
    2017-01-30 01:11
    0 0
    the dodges and chevys would be cool mods
  • Jay


    2017-01-30 05:32
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    its a great start for a beta
  • Doesnt work
    2017-01-30 06:00
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    The map is really black after loading and cannot move around. Have to reboot computer because its frozen.
  • Dragan
    2017-01-30 09:42
    0 0
    black screen and frose pc
  • Canhlr
    2017-01-30 10:04
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    The map looks really good , it works on my pc , keep up the good work , i know its not easy to work with GE, Because of people like you i am still playing this game, i will let you know any issues i find,thanks .
  • Oxen1966
    2017-01-30 19:20
    0 0
    The map is really black after loading and cannot move around
  • Donnie
    2017-01-30 22:29
    0 0
    you need to fix the map where it will load on my computer it games is loading but it want start
  • Donnie
    2017-01-30 23:19
    0 0
    need to change from 2 gb bites to mb bites nobody else uses gb they use mb and take the map out of beta where everybody can play it
  • Dan


    2017-01-31 01:18
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    Ok I love the map. I drive truck and having loaded in this area of California, Ut looked like the area. The error I saw was that the vehickles on go forward. They will nor back up
  • Dan


    2017-01-31 01:20
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    Ok I love the map. I drive truck and having loaded in this area of California, It looked like the area. The error I saw was that the vehicles only go forward. They will nor back upLots of empty space. I would add some more fields as well. Big fields would be great
  • Paul
    2017-01-31 06:00
    0 0
    Can't wait for the final product, hope it will be soon and thank you for spending your time making this map.
  • Hsayar
    2017-01-31 13:32
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    Where do I get the modes of the tools seen in the pictures?(Resimlerde görülen araçların modlarına nereden ulaşabilirim?)
  • Kalkani
    2017-01-31 15:17
    0 0
    If u get black screen its coz u are using version 1.2.... set it to normal and u will be abel to use this map and may others mods =)
  • Terry
    2017-01-31 20:25
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    hey it is a kool map it has alot of errors that need to be worked out but u did a great job with it i think once all the errors are worked out it will be fine
  • Guest
    2017-02-01 16:25
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    this is really a good map. i only have found a few errors, that repeat themselves multiple times in the log but i have most ironed out. the size could be reduced by better organization with the map but i will work on that as time goes on, removing a folder that leads to a folder that leads to a folder. but great work. its my current favorite map!!!
  • Guest
    2017-02-03 08:00
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    The map works good now, was black, until I downloaded version 1.3 of FS17. Version 1.2 was making the game black and game would freeze.
  • Lone tree ridge farms
    2017-02-03 11:44
    0 0
    Flying around this map i am impressed. But i noticed some things, Most of your Terrain is from the Salem SD 4x Map along with some of the towns, one of the towns is ripped strait out of County Line for 15. Ill be it this is a highly edited version. None the less. it lookes good.
  • Marc
    2017-02-05 18:56
    0 0
    The map is incredible but needs to optimize the lag.
  • Guest
    2017-02-05 23:37
    0 0
    More farms and fields, you need to fix the cow, and sheep farm logos because there are in fields not in the right spot, get ride of the palm trees, add more grass, add ammonia tanks that you can use, you should be able to purchase the farms you want, you also need to fix some of the driveways leading to the fields the field, for a better examples just look at the California Central Valley mod for fs15. Once the improved map is released please email me.
  • Jeremie
    2017-02-10 18:37
    0 0
    so far things seem to be working pretty good. haven't had any problems with crashing or freezing. about all I've noticed so far is when trying to bale or pickup grass or straw you can't get it all. have to bale the field like 3 times and still miss some.
  • Jk


    2017-04-15 00:47
    0 0
    its a good map the asphalt to the sand dirt needs to be more level. the animals would be nice it slows down in places but my fault on that I run mods which would cause that. there are fields that are free that would be nicer if you had to buy them its good.
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