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California Central Valley v2.1
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California Central Valley v2.1

Welcome in the sunny California

Version 2.1
remove the blocking element at the Ingleside Dairy. Add 2 gasstaition trigger

The original, and the one and only.
everything is custom and unique made. No more to say.


  • Juan
    2017-11-06 15:53
    encore une map avec un log remplie d'erreurplus de 200 erreur dans le log malgrai le fait que j'ai virer tout les mods!!!
  • Vinicius
    2017-11-06 18:37
    Where can I find this 7th image trailer?
  • Dominic
    2017-11-07 04:56
    can you make the highway longer please?
  • Barry
    2017-11-07 23:54
    this map reminds me of windows; not complete. if you wish to have pride in your work take the time to finish the map. label fields, a well labeled accurate map
  • Cf


    2017-11-08 04:26
    where is the farm silo?
  • Will
    2017-11-12 01:18
    Nice map.But has a few flaws...I edited a little bit(I like it nice, so I'm tidying everything up)but those heaps of tires won't go away.And maybe you can make the water planes smaller(but you'll need more of them then)
  • Bluetopaz
    2017-11-12 17:58
    downloaded the map but did not show up. I few maps I downloaded did not show up in mods list, any answers. would win rar has something to do with it.
  • Will
    2017-11-14 02:55
    Nice map, I said in a previous post.The first 2 minutes it works fine but then...My screen looks frozen except for my vehicle that keeps driving, even when I disabled the cruisecontrol.
  • Wayne
    2017-11-16 17:09
    can u put cotton in it thank u
  • Phil
    2017-11-18 12:48
    This map is amazing love i love the ets2 converted buildings and would like to no if the maker of the map has anymore to add who ever the maker is thanks
  • Jbm


    2017-11-19 20:38
    How re u suppose to water the cows?
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