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Canadian Production Map v4.3
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Canadian Production Map v4.3

Canadian Production 4.3 Map with vehicules

First let me appoligy to maverick74 for using his  map name, I did not realized my mistake soon enough, but this is my mess not his.
I followed goatsfarm advice and made over 10k corrections to solve the map graphics problems. and it worked really well. So thank
you my friend.

Fixed: field 6 and 7 buy triggers, train warning lights, Hot spots and new HD sky.
No Need To Start Again,
You find something wrong, leave a comment.

This is the finishe canadian production map version 4. Thank you all for your help with the beta version.
Flat Wagon: Flat wagon can carry logs pallets shown on pictures. Belt must be tied up to hold pallets.
Any otther pallet will generate log errors, but no crash. Design to fill board pallet fabrics
with logs, they are located at both sawmills, log pallet unloading is automatic at these 2 locations.
Thank you.


  • Battlecommander
    2019-01-05 15:16 Send message
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    just wondering if you're making any fs19 maps
  • Renebqcca
    2019-01-05 17:11 Send message
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    Not fot a while, I do not have fs19 yet. My pc broke the day after uploading the 4.3f.It took a month to replace it with one that barely handle fs17. So I decided to work on this map for those who don't have it yet also.
  • Renebqcca
    2019-01-05 17:14 Send message
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    all doors are opened on foot, all vehicules included were used to test the map. thank you all.
  • Battlecommander
    2019-01-05 18:32 Send message
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    i will wait for you, hopefully see your work for fs19 party on my friend
  • 3verland
    2019-01-06 06:35 Send message
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    Same here, with all the nice changes to FS19, even with the bugs we have to put up with from a rushed product, I doubt I will ever go back to 19. I gamed on most of your Canadian maps, but I really like to see ya move on to a FS19 map, maybe even a 4X map
  • Marcello
    2019-01-07 20:35 Send message
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    bonjour RENEBQCCA super ferme mieux que la v4 ou les palettes disparaissaient en s'éloignant avec le tracteur il y a tout sur votre ferme un plaisir d'etre fermier dans toutes vos fermes les graphiques sont super comme toujours et toujours de mieux en mieux je reste sur fs 17 car j'adore cette ferme mais une fs 19 serait bien je vous dit bravo pour votre bon travail vous nous faite un enorme plaisir cordialement
  • Smudge
    2019-01-21 23:23
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    I have encountered difficulty on a number of occasions when I use "Sharemods" to download mods. I get a virus that causes me some grief. This has happened 3 times. I cannot load anything now when the download provider is "Sharemods". Anyone else having difficulty with this??
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