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Canadian Production Map 4 beta
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Canadian Production Map 4 beta

I decided to upload this map ready for final testing, all storage are filled and the map ready to go to work.
The focus of this version was to put those trains at work.
This one has 3 trains and 35 loading  stations that wagons are accepted.

One thing you should know: the flat wagon from the logging railway can be used to fill both boardPallet factory located at sawmills, with holzstamm pallet(logs pallet) from holzstamm factories loacted near the loading ramps (see picture.)

All holzstamm pallets loaded on that wagon are automatically unloaded when it drives over the wood loading area.

Any problems or a constructive ideas, leave a comment,

I need a few more days to complete testing, thank you.


  • Tom


    2018-10-19 15:02
    Hello Renebqcca, I really like the map of Canada you made, I have been playing. For the current V4 version, it is recommended to change the No. 3 land to the ground and move the store and some processing equipment. thank you!
  • Renebqcca
    2018-10-19 17:26
    The final version 4 will be ready in approximatly one week.Thank you.
  • Tom


    2018-10-20 06:20
    Hello Renebqcca. I found a few problems in the V3 version:1. When purchasing the 6, 7 and No., the card appears and the loading time is extended.2, animal goats, at the corner of the trough, there is a frozen.3, 3, it is difficult to cultivate. Suggestion: Change to the ground and move the store and some processing equipment.I hope that these issues can be solved in the final version of V4. I hope that the final version of V4 will be uploaded soon. thank you!
  • John
    2018-10-23 04:59
    Hello Renebqcca, first of all Great map! I i did noticed the saw mill located in the NW corner that produces board pallets doesn't seem to be working.Thanks!
  • Siegerflieger
    2018-10-23 11:52
    Why does the map start getting worse from reboot to reboot, is not good.
  • R&d farming
    2018-10-23 16:40
    Love the map. Noticed "South Mill" is up off the ground a little. If I could ask, with this large of a map, could you increase some of the capacities? Since there is only one seed and fertilizer production. how about 500,000 instead of 50,000. It would be great if could raise all the 50,000s to 500,000. Thank you for your hard work!
  • Bob


    2018-10-24 00:28
    Map description lists trains in this version, but the download has no trains coming in . Any reason why. Bob
  • R&d farming
    2018-10-24 04:53
    Bob, I have trains (3) on my map. Maybe re-download.
  • Bob


    2018-10-25 04:11
    @ R&D FARMING.... the problem i found was another map in the mods folder.Map now running okay.Question to RENEBQCCA, there is a PAD behind the Orchards on the Train line, what do we load or unload at these Pads ? Please email me at, [email protected] Bob.
  • Zicken3
    2018-12-12 07:16
    hello renebqcca would you rebuild this map for the fs19?
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