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Canadian Ultimate v10.1
6 9 1 2018

Canadian Ultimate v10.1

This is the update to canadian ultimate map 10.0.
Vehicules included.

This is a multifruits map with breeding animals.
You need: Kotte Universal liquid transport pack mod,  oignons and carrots headers, there are many models available.


  • Renebqcca
    2018-04-06 05:36
  • Antoine
    2018-04-10 13:59
    bonjour il y a un grand bug fabrique oil factory toute blanche au nord est de la carte angle champs 31 en bas a droite merci de rectifier tres belle carte
  • Antoine
    2018-04-11 01:19
    bonsoir suite au bug ci dessus c'est un de mes mods qui a fait bugé la carte j'ai enlevé ce mods et la fabrique oil factory est redevenu normal
  • Javier
    2018-04-28 23:13
    y me puedes decir donde se entrega la leche para hacer mantequilla, y yogures.
  • Javier
    2018-04-28 23:14
    la leche donde se elaboran los yogures, mantequilla, queso etc
  • Me


    2018-04-29 15:47
    nice map,,,,,, gone way overboard with silage pits and no base or yard to base you machinery at makes the map a bit confusing.... lots of parking areas on the map but all-over the place.... map looks like in some ways was just filled in with lots of stuff... neat stuff but to much you could never use everything on this map... I think he/she needs to pull it back a bit and build a farm base....
  • David
    2018-07-03 13:57
    how do you unload animals at butchery no icon pops up for unloading
  • Milk tank
    2018-08-21 08:47
    Im having problems trying to load up my trailers with milk from the milktank.
  • Ken
    2018-09-03 13:36
    I would like to say thank you for making this map I noticed that there is no milk tank at the breeding cow barn . It would be realy nice if you were to add more animals added to the map but you sure did make a great map , thank you thank y ou
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