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Canadian Ultimate v10 Fix
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Canadian Ultimate v10 Fix

Fix: field 6 removed.
Description: Canadian Ultimate Map v10
This is a multifruits map with breeding animals.
You need: Kotte Universal liquid transport pack mod,  oignons and carrots headers, there are many models available.


  • Dementedweasel1
    2018-03-30 21:17
    I may try to get the barley out of that biogas plant first. I may never get another chance!
  • Rayamo
    2018-03-31 04:09
    I tried to visit the bakery - was standing inside the building. I tried to visit the canary - also inside the building only. Hey boy, what have I done? Fix the problems on that map as fast as possible. Do you know the 1:10 rule? 1 hour writing a program or build a map costs you 10 hours to check what you've done before. I am an old programer and only these both mistakes show me, you didn't check all possibilies, jump points etc. on your own map before publishing.
  • Deafgamer
    2018-03-31 19:41
    The map needs fixing, all the jump points ends up inside buildings. Please fix the jump points.Secondly, you need to release a PDF file that shows what each factory needs to be filled with their filltypes.I hope whomever created this map can read this and in English.Thank you.
  • Dementedweasel1
    2018-03-31 21:13
    To me this map is perfect. I got no problems at all with it. Finally there's a map I can play on. Thanks!
  • R&d farming
    2018-04-01 06:34
    Did you fix the mound in field 22
  • Crythos
    2018-04-01 14:27
    Nice map but crashes computer when you try to buy field 5, not tried buying others yet
  • Serega
    2018-04-01 22:37
    Problems with cowsThey are there but they are not on the menu
  • Brian
    2018-04-02 02:24
    nice map played version 9 for many hours, wanted to play this version but there is barley growing out of the bga plant, can you fix this? Thanks for the map, it is awesome
  • Thomas
    2018-04-04 21:46
    bonsoir comment utiliser les animaux pour la reproduction avec la remorque les vaches et autres animaux ne sont pas accepte dans la 1ere etable sa prend bien les animaux la 2eme etables non pas accepter merci
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