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Canadian Ultimate v9.2
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Canadian Ultimate v9.2

- Removed vehicules installed on the map,
- Replaced new locomotive for the standard locomotive,
- Removed flat wagon from train,
- Animal trailer is a one mod and located with the animal group,
- tested the new trailer at dealer, butcher and animal2 farms.
- Removed holmer t4-40 and all headers.
I hope this will correct issues for those with problems. thank you.


  • Digibox
    2018-03-23 13:34
    i will test this map and provide you with a feadback greet digibox
  • Renebqcca
    2018-03-23 13:47
    thank you
  • Jbm


    2018-03-23 13:48
    Did u flat the fields back out?
  • Sakis1
    2018-03-23 14:13
    hi the HOLMER T4-40 not warking the (H)
  • Digibox
    2018-03-23 16:43
    beautifully made . some errors were found. please contact digibox at twitch.
  • Brise d'anus
    2018-03-23 16:52
    sa sent la marde , sa pu sa sent l'anus
  • Digibox
    2018-03-23 17:01
    please do not post rude messages BRISE D'ANUS s'il vous plaît ne pas poster des messages impoli BRISE D'ANUS
  • Renebqcca
    2018-03-23 19:56
    I play using the english fs17 software from steam and I had no problems with 9.1. if your using illegal software please don't write comments. That's where your problem is.
  • Digibox
    2018-03-23 20:48
    who are you talking to RENEBQCCA ?
  • Digibox
    2018-03-23 21:03
    if it's against me: I just want to make sure that there are no bugs in play. eg flying horses. at the next post I will post pictures of the bugs. since I have asked to contact me. to discuss the errors. so you can still take them out and have a good folder with no errors.Kind regards, digibox
  • Adrien
    2018-03-23 21:45
    Bonsoir, j'ai désinstaller la première carte (9 01) pour re télécharger la mise a jour (9 02) et malgré cela je n'arrive pas a jouer en multi ou sur le serveur avec mes modsla syncronisation se bloque a 10 %pourquoi ??? pouvez vous m'aider merci d'avance
  • Good map
    2018-03-23 23:56
    i love your maps but for some reson i get a lot of lag but dont with other maps can you [oint me in the right place not got atop laptop but a family membersays it could be cause me an a amd chip
  • Happy
    2018-03-25 00:40
    i don't no what you've done but no more lag one thing your poneys are walking in mid air but thank you i can know give it a go
  • Adrien
    2018-03-26 19:00
    MESSAGE POUR RENEBQCCABonjour, je vous ai déjà laissé messages ..... (voir ci dessus) pouvez vous le fournir une réponse a ma demande merci d'avance
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