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Canadian Ultimate 9 Final
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Canadian Ultimate 9 Final

This the version 9.1 updated and corrected. Map vehicules and mods are included.
# Backup your saved games, remove any copy of the ultimate 9 map from your mods folder, insert the new one.## ++Resume your game++
NOTE: If you have problems, remove all mods except the one included from your mods folder, and try again.

Corrections: +Short grass in gardens missing,
+ Flatten all fields (not visable before a new game is started)
+ Corrected all animated animals and workers,                        
+ Installed old locomotive back.
+ Free water on the map
+ Marker at Class lowered  
+ road sections corrections    
+ Brewery silos organised                        
+ FillType error problem eliminated.

**Thank you all for your comments, also thanks to all modders and scripters involved.
- Please let me know if server works.


  • Maxxi
    2018-03-26 23:40
    bonjour il y a un problème quand on engage un ouvrier pour travailler un champ ça ne marche pas super map merci
  • @maxxi
    2018-03-27 01:43
    The problem with the hired workers is that quebec isn't part of Canada, so just like in quebec, they don't have workers, just a bunch of people sitting at home collecting government cheques. So if you play this map and see your money always going down into the negatives, it's actually pretty realistic, it runs pretty much like quebec does
  • Valkyrie
    2018-03-27 03:08
    someone need port this over to Mobhub DL..
  • @@maxxi
    2018-03-27 04:26
    lol what an idiot you are Quebec is part of canada, your just another butthurt dude from alberta that is prob pissed off cause quebec didnt wanted your oleaoduc of gaz and BTW Manitoba are and Newfoundland and labrador are the useless province in the canada! They are the gouvernement cheques collector, oh and BTW Quebec is one of the only province that didnt wanted to see Justin Trudeau as our prime minister and now look what this retard is doing to OUR country XD
  • Rolam
    2018-03-27 11:54
    there is no file to download
  • @@@maxxi
    2018-03-27 18:19
    Ummm... Trudeau is from quebec, so it's not a surprise he's a retard and a crappy prime minister. quebec isn't part of Canada, who would want a bunch of retarded frogs in their country? quebecers collect gov't cheques and they actually think they contribute to the country as a whole. They're not only retarded, they're delusional. Tell us, what does quebec bring to the table? Other than maple syrop, because that's all queebec is good for.
  • Serega
    2018-03-27 21:22
    Optimization of the map is needed .. slows down a bit
  • Adrien
    2018-03-29 00:52
    merci a programmateur nous pouvons maintenant jouer sur serveur et aussi en multi un GRAND MERCI
  • Cowboy
    2018-03-29 20:11
    Thank for fixing the map , ther is one small problem on field Nr 22 in the middel of it is a big hindrance the ground has a uprise Thank you for this great map
  • Brise d'anus
    2018-03-29 22:03
    prooottt ,, sa pu , sa sent la brise d'anus , sa sent la merde
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