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Canadian Village Map v2.1
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Canadian Village Map v2.1

gold nuggets, washed onion pallet, tool on ground at Claas, fuel sale problem, new liquid storages for water, fuel, milk, digestate, liquid manure and liquid fertilizer.
New cow navigation mesh to correct stuck cow.
Moved fermenting silo, beetmaster, main silo and main display .
Removed the old liquid silos to accomodate the new ones.


  • Neness
    2018-05-23 16:24
    sa manque un peut de photos et on ne voit pas la map domage a+
  • Seb


    2018-05-23 23:26
    NENESS vaut savoir que les photo c'est modhub qui les mais c'est pas nous !!!!!
  • Ol' macdonald
    2018-05-25 02:44
    @ Renebqcca, after playing on Canadian Prairies Maps though out versions 1-8 from FS15 & FS17, I've found this map the most pleasurable so far , There's plenty to get on with, even for a multiplayer team. I've been playing solo for over 21 hours on this map since V2.01 was released.
  • Ol' macdonald
    2018-05-25 02:45
    @ Renebqcca, Just to let you know too that the main farm silo product chart/board doesn't work for some of the crops harvested, The trains are a little jerky (don't know if it's my side) also there's 2 Dogs running & flying in the Cow pen.... Great Map still 8/10 :)
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