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Canadian Village Map v2.0
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Canadian Village Map v2.0

This is the original village map "2048x2048" map to which I modified the gdm's and i3d files to accomodate 17 new fruits and have installed many new mods, it has animals 2 and many new sale places. See pictures for details.


  • Siegerflieger
    2018-05-18 12:00
    Great Job, Thank you Rene
  • Redfield62
    2018-05-18 15:23
    Merci pour cette map , mais moi sa plante au chargement en cours
  • Ente
    2018-05-18 15:55
    What the shit, a bunch of deco what no one needs and no place for placeable objects, such a shit
  • @ente
    2018-05-18 18:12
    @ente Just what we were missing, another hero teenager behind a keyboard. @Renebqcca Good map mate, thanks for putting in the effort to contribute and share.
  • Bernard
    2018-05-19 02:36
    Merci René pour cette belle map, encore beaucoup d'heures de plaisir a venir :).
  • Mike fluharty
    2018-05-19 06:35
    When I put my crops in the main farm silo they are not available to retrieve from the silo and don't show up on the display board. They are just gone.
  • Thierry
    2018-05-19 10:11
    Bonjour.Pourriez vous me dire comment se passe la culture tabaco et ou est la vente !!!Néanmoins Belle MapsMercie.
  • Gribouille34
    2018-05-19 11:35
    Bonjour René et merci pour cette belle map très complète
  • Mack
    2018-05-19 14:51
    Great map, but 2 of the nuggets are not collectible. There is one that is in the Class store by the bakery that I can't get to because of the walls and there is one that is underground in between field 10 and the oil factory. Could you please fix so these are accessible?
  • Bernard
    2018-05-19 16:20
    @Mack : Samething for me but I solve it. Open your savegame / open the careerSavegame (with notepad) / in the 5th line you'll see 111111111........., delete all the numbers inside it & put 98 times the number 1 (because you missing 2), close & save. When you'll reload the game the 2 missing will change the place. Hope this help.
  • Gator
    2018-05-19 18:04
    Great map. Don't like the multiangle.
  • @gator
    2018-05-19 20:06
    What do you mean by the multiangle???
  • Renebqcca
    2018-05-20 05:59
    I will correct those issues, je vais corriger les problemes.
  • Serega
    2018-05-20 12:54
    Jusqu'à présent, tout va bien. La carte est bonne
  • Serega
    2018-05-20 13:32
    La culture disparaît,quand il est versé dans l'entrepôt
  • Name
    2018-05-20 22:33
    Can someone help me with the fact that my game doesn't detect the map or something, i downloaded it, put it in the right map and it doesn't appear in my game. Help?
  • Renebqcca
    2018-05-20 23:22
    To those of you with storage problems in main silo, create a new village map in a different savegame location and save it. close the map. Start and resume your old map.
  • Bernard
    2018-05-20 23:28
    @Name : you have to unzipped the file, you'll have 6 zipped files inside & put all those 6 in your mods file.
  • Serega
    2018-05-21 00:26
    @RENEBQCCA not understood
  • Name
    2018-05-21 11:35
    @bernard no i haven't tried that, will try it. But thanks anyway!
  • Jacky
    2018-05-21 13:47
    Hello, for me problem in field number 4, no worker can work bug, see fixed game!
  • Danthefarm
    2018-06-03 00:55
    i keep losing crops and everything else, with the main silo, why ?
  • Danthefarm
    2018-06-03 19:43
    when you make cartons where can you sell them ?
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