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CanAm ATV Kryptek 3 Pack v0.9.0.2
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CanAm ATV Kryptek 3 Pack v0.9.0.2

This is a texture wrap fro the CAM AM made for the squad.
No password on this one, you can thank them :)

Hope you enjoy Squad!

A word from their channel!
Welcome to The Squad’s gaming YouTube channel! I mostly post mod related content on games such as Farming Simulator, Spintires, and GTA V but Occasionally I’ll post MOTO VLOGS. Hope you guys enjoy my channel! Thanks for visiting the channel!
See a video they made with my other Kryptek mods :)

Umbau: MasterXerion/Rambow145/Fluffyspec/Lambo texture

Umbau: MasterXerion/Rambow145/Fluffyspec/Lambo texture
Thank you!

  • Awesomeness
    2017-01-07 19:01
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    Works great, no issues! Tx
  • Slammer
    2017-01-07 19:02
    0 0
  • Jennifer
    2017-01-07 19:17
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    Probably one of the best versions I have seen.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-07 19:43
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    Aww TY ALL! Once again, I just re skinned it and made it for THE Squad on YOUTUbE.Small changes with the WAV files too :) Try the Horn
  • Junk
    2017-01-08 04:16
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    Oh look, more reskins from Kraptik.
  • Hmmm
    2017-01-09 13:42
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    You may not enjoy them, but I do! Dont stop Lambo!
  • Snowcatfier
    2017-01-16 05:51
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    I tried downloading the trucks, these and the peter-built, and i put them into the fs17 mod folder in documents but when i start the game up they dont show up for me to be able to select to use in game
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-21 19:20
    0 0
    get the update versions at my site, farmingsimulator17mod.wordpress.com
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