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Cannabis Crop v1.0
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Cannabis Crop v1.0

This is a cannabis crop for FS17. IF you are NOT familiar with adding crops to maps this is not FOR YOU. I have no instructions in the file you either know how to do it or you do not and need to learn if you want to use it.

David Brown with credits to Blacksheep – RC-Devil

  • Jackson
    2017-07-16 10:48
    how to you put this mod in map and how do you harvest the crop
  • @jackson
    2017-07-16 11:08
    JACKSON the best thing to do is you tube bud or buddy up with someone that knows how to do it
  • Huh?
    2017-07-16 11:30
    Jesus Jackson..can you read? He just said there are no instructions which means he doesn't want to be bothered with teaching anyone how! Go do a search and f-ing learn how your self!
  • David brown
    2017-07-16 12:35
    At least he could have left my name on it when he stole it.... Also Blacksheep – RC-Devil get stilled as well...
  • David brown
    2017-07-16 12:48
    Nevermind just saw the credit tab.... But I AM baked LOL
  • Hey jackwagon
    2017-07-16 14:00
    I see you stole this mod and thought it would be nice to re-upload it thanks I could have got it from the creator and been able to been pushed in the right direction when asking for help but I bet you know nothing about the mod
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