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Canola Straw v0.5
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Canola Straw v0.5

This mod adds Canola straw! This makes it easy to feed or process it. No threshing devices have to be adapted.


  • Holse
    2017-05-04 21:55
    Det var dejligt så er der andre end mig der kan bruge det, Godt jeg ikke fik søgt tilladelse til at ligge det op.
  • Wtf?
    2017-05-05 06:15
    NOBODY in their right mind feeds their livestock canola swath. You might silage some in an emergency (as in, NO food for the livestock whatsoever but you have some canola swath), but that would be pretty rare, as almost anything is a better feed than canola swath. But it's pretty ripe that some asswipe here says "do your homework" and "country's far and wide" feed cows canola swath. NO. THEY. DON'T. Try learning something about farming before you post, dipshit.
  • Not a farmer
    2017-05-05 06:22
    http://www.canolacouncil.org/media/530966/canola_swathing_guide.pdfhttps://www.ag.ndsu.edu/publications/crops/swathing-and-harvesting-canolaWonder whos a dipshit now?
  • @not a farmer
    2017-05-05 08:44
    Maybe try and keep up with the conversation, dipshit. You post a link talking about swathing canola (which of course you then "swath harvest"). And that has what to do with the conversation about feeding canola straw to cows? Nothing, dipshit. And this mod doesn't drop a canola swath, it drops canola straw. Damn right you're not a farmer, you're a dipshit.
  • Bubba
    2017-05-05 09:44
    https://www.google.com/search?q=straw+from+canola&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-US:IE-Address&ie;=&oe;=#spf=1 Wow that was hard to find... Just because something isn't done normally doesn't mean it shoulden't or cain't be done.
  • Hans
    2017-05-05 14:27
    In some countries canola straw is used. It can be used for heating (burning in a straw boiler) or for bedding. But I don't see the reason to call the mod useless. If you don't like it, don't use it....Thanks
  • Pat clifton
    2017-05-05 15:28
    What the hell is this shit, it does not work on dictated server.
  • @bubba
    2017-05-05 18:08
    Nobody sad you can't do it, dipshit, get you some reading comprehension. Fact is, nobody actually grows canola to green cut it for silage because it's just a bad idea on every level. It's piss poor feed, it's expensive, animals don't like it to begin with, it's a ton of extra work to make it "feed". It's pretty clear reading here that the dipshit posting links has never seen a canola plant in real life.
  • Dave
    2017-05-05 19:22
    It dont matter wither its right or wrong as its not real its a game and always will be just a game and theres people who think outside the box to bring different ideas to the game if you find the idea rubbish dont comment harsh things just simply move on
  • @dave eats weenies
    2017-05-05 21:48
    ITS JUST A GAME , great upload
  • Michaelbjerg21978
    2017-05-06 00:01
    This mod have bin tested over 100 hours on dedi. server.IF YOU DONT LIKE. THEN DONT DOWNLOAD!!!Best regards: michael
  • Michaelbjerg21978
    2017-05-06 00:23
    Again, if you dont like this then dont download. Have made mods/maps since fs 09, i only have a fb. grp. now where i realese my maps/mods. Thats my short story!!
  • @michaelbjerg21978
    2017-05-06 01:42
    Ya, nobody cares what your story is unless it gets to the part that says "The End"
  • Michaelbjerg21978
    2017-05-06 22:11
  • General-xan
    2018-07-28 21:16
    Great mod just what i need on hard a little bit money from straw. Thanx
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