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Case IH 1030 v1.0
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Case IH 1030 v1.0

hello once more farmers
I present a new modification case ih 1030
Contains no errors in the registry and is fully functional

Some details fail but they will be corrected soon
The tractor is functional

store data
name: case IH 1030
power 106
maxSpeed 42

++ new desing
++ is washable
++ has lights
++ has a footprint on the wheels
If they find a bug  leave it in the comments please

As always many hours of work, I hope and have fun


  • Zzzzz
    2017-05-18 21:45
    may we please have a modhub.us link, too much malware/virus's on sharemods.com & uploadfiles.eu & masmodsfs17 is a bad site too i got virus's from all sites in the past. so please put a modhub link as i want these beauties. thanks
  • J


    2017-05-18 21:55
    MAN this better act as good as it looks
  • Vegueta
    2017-05-20 02:30
    no tienen virus, solo publicidad molesta, pero de esto vivimos XD
  • Bemo
    2017-05-20 06:55
    Very nice tractor. Any chance of making one with a bit more HP?
  • Wolfncoyote
    2017-11-24 14:26
    I know this is petty, but why does everyone how makes a 30 series call them a Case IH and not just a Case? The 30 series came out in the 1960's and the Case/ International Harvester didn't merge till the 1986-87. Also great job on this. Tho I don't know if this was bell-n-whistle or a standard feature, but your rear rims aren't a screw type which is something our Case 930 has. Same tractor with smaller motor then a 1030. Also any plans on doing the Case-Davidson Brown compact tractors?
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