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CASE IH 3162 90FT CUTTING BAR 27.50m v1
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CASE IH 3162 90FT CUTTING BAR 27.50m v1

Cutting bar caseih 3162 90ft. Working width: 27.50m. Working speed: 15 Km / h.
100% functional under fs 17, log 100% without error.

Model,Idea / Concept: blockbauerspeed1991, QWARES17

  • Ks


    2017-01-29 12:26
    very nice are you making it in other manufactors Claas, Newholland, etc
  • Dziku
    2017-01-29 16:26
    Looks nice but I think driving would be problematic with this :)
  • Speedking2
    2017-01-29 18:35
    Large fields look out a new and bigger header is out. Ty Thomas.
  • Mike
    2017-01-29 20:33
    Would be nice but doesn't work in MP therefore useless.
  • Hhh


    2017-01-30 13:55
    27,50 m?? :D :D :D Who's a teenager again bored?This is totally out of the reality of such a monstrosity.Because of such a stupid mods game is slipping :(
  • Hhh


    2017-01-31 04:56
    this is not a monstrosity. this is a good mod and it is a game if you want real get off your computer and go help a farmer in the fall. VERY good mod.
  • Canduke
    2017-01-31 05:40
    good mod but problem is can not get close to combine to unload unless full
  • So stupid
    2017-01-31 07:47
    I agree, totally out of the realm of possibility. This mod is for lazy retards who can even put the time and effort into a game and need to take short cuts. If you are someone who likes this mod, chances are you are a totally failure in life... congratulations.
  • Hhh


    2017-02-01 13:21
    Or maybe we like it because some of us have full time jobs and we dont have time to sit around all day and play games but when we get the chance to we can get the full experience. you probably still live in your moms basement get a life.
  • @hhh
    2017-02-03 05:41
    Actually I'm a self-employed homeowner and doing just fine.... I don't have much time to play games myself but I still don't like to cut corners.... Some people like a challenge and some people like to take the easy way out . I can tell you prefer the latter.
  • Lol @hhh
    2017-02-04 05:58
    hahaha shut down and burnt, well done.
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