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Case IH230 Axial Flow 9230 Combine Pack v1.3
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Case IH230 Axial Flow 9230 Combine Pack v1.3

Case IH230 Axial Flow 9230 Cutter Pack.

Version 1.3
Small improvements.
Removed NLD color logo.

This pack contains the Case Axial Flow 9230 and the 3162 45FT Draper.
The combine content has been increased to 29.800 liters.
And the Axial Flow 9230 speed increased to 40.
The combine IH3162 Cutter speed increased to 14 (in-game this is 13, work speed).
There are also several decals added.

Model: Bart, Giants.
Other: SamN, FSMT.

  • Host
    2017-04-02 12:10
    It is again a mess.I'm surprised that you take such a scumbag.This is not with modding nothing to do.It just degrades the game.But what especially when it is a visit to the site and the money that?
  • Sturdy
    2017-04-03 08:10
    АВТОР: Giants Software,Bart
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