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Cat 773G v1.3
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Cat 773G v1.3

Well I got it to dump with material in back finally. Now there are a few other errors that came up since it now dumps and don't crash game. Creates a little lag now too with the errors.
At this point I think the errors are just connecting the right i3d tag numbers with the xml, but I'm far from good at any of this and this 1 project has taken me a 4-5 days to get it to actually dump the materials.
Any way enjoy.

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  • Expert
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnbXOkyI_LEI forgot I watched that video to fix fill planes. Not sure if everyone else will need his download in the description of his video. Only way I knew how to fix the fill planes and they are a mess still. Bed fills weird.
  • Nolan
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    My grandpa work at a caterpillar dealership
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