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Caterpillar 420F Backhoe v1.0
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Caterpillar 420F Backhoe v1.0

This is a Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Made by Woodmeadow Farm Modding
Power: 210
Maximum Speed: 30
Price: 170000
Dailyupkeep: 10
Category: frontLoaders

Woodmeadow Farm Modding

  • Meow
    2018-06-05 14:54
    It is cat! Hahahahahahaha! Real backhoe on Woodmeadow website. Nice jokes!!
  • Ryan
    2018-06-05 17:06
    Adam Fredrick Spent 3+ MONTHS working on this thing
  • @ryan
    2018-06-05 20:08
    he spent 3 months on this piece of shit, at that rate he needs another 30 years before uploading it
  • Chris
    2018-06-05 20:34
    https://www.woodmeadowfarmmodding.com/loadersThat is the link to wood meadows site and the category for the real thing.
  • How about you shut your mouth before knocking a mod shit for brains you what you think you can do better? Please this is why FS community is ruined dumb F'IN troll trash like you
  • @ryan
    2018-06-05 23:43
    no, the FS community is ruined because of shit mods like this.
  • @@@ryan dated 2018-06-05
    2018-06-06 00:36
    you need to be aware that this mod was stolen from wmf, besides, do you think you can do better? TRY IT!
  • Jd328
    2018-06-06 01:37
    the mod works, I downloaded it no problem
  • Jd328
    2018-06-06 01:38
    use the dropbox link
  • @jd328
    2018-06-06 02:40
    @jd328, Why would you need to download the mod if you're the guy who uploaded it??? If people are having trouble downloading the mod from modhub it's because it's an incomplete file or there's a virus/malware issue with the file, is that why you want people to use the dropbox link? Sounding more and more like a virus scam to me so sorry but I won't be downloading this.
  • Jd328
    2018-06-06 04:08
    its not a virus somebody said it was a cat in the first comment the dropbox link is from PUNKA DYLAN youtube
  • James
    2018-06-07 07:03
    this mod is awesome !! my only complaint and its tiny are the tire tracks , not a fan of the print , i think a standard tractor tire would look better but thats def not a deal buster !! I dont even need it but it looks to cool not to have it !! I wish I knew how to change the controls though lol , I got so many mods i cant tell which one it is haha
  • Koalat
    2018-06-22 02:23
    becky can I smash?
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