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Caterpillar 797b mining dump truck v1.0
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Caterpillar 797b mining dump truck v1.0

hello i have you a cat 797b mining dump truck from tfs group the group has a page were you get mods and shit  and they password protect everything and im sick and tired of this shit so here you go  have fun with the mod  next time tfs people if your going to post mods of facebook with uploaded .net page at least tell the people the password you stupid retards.


  • Seanpierce
    2017-08-24 02:56
    even put proper credits so have at it tired of this password shit
  • Sturdy
    2017-08-24 12:12
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  • Originalmodder
    2017-08-24 14:04
    I did not give you permission to release this mod here
  • Seanpierce
    2017-08-24 15:17
    dont care anymore you guys got me sick to my stomic with all this password shit and i tried my best to get the latest mods with the password and everytime i try get a mod its password protected and always have to reg account and crap just for a password not anymore tired of it
  • Nonnus
    2017-08-24 15:39
    ORIGINALMODDER, don´t worry this guys can´t release one single mod without errors so the community don´t use mods release by them. I don´t remember one mod release by them 100% fuctional . Some people can´t understand the modding is not who wants is who knows. They don´t understand nothing about modding, and the community know that. They understand how steal the mod from others, and release worst.
  • Nonnus
    2017-08-24 18:46
    NONNUS - You are a complere idiot - That tool bag Sean pierce released it. What an ass hole.
  • Nonnus
    2017-08-24 20:49
    When a see the post I figured it was another mod tfsg (and it is but release for another person) so what I want mean is for tsf group (is a group but no one have the knowledge for release on single mod in right conditions) not for SEANPIERCE. My apologies for SEANPIERCEAll I write is for tsf group.
  • Silviu1993
    2017-08-24 20:58
    mod video here...................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNkmKVL4tWM
  • Silviu1993
    2017-08-24 21:16
    tes vidéos sont nulles, tu devrais arrêter !!!!!!!
  • For seanpierce
    2017-08-26 05:07
    dont listen to these people do what you want to do as long you got proper credits nothing can stop you and for all your people causing trouble i reported this end of discussion
  • For tfs group
    2017-08-26 05:15
    once its uploaded somewere els it going to get leaked you need to stop uploading stuff thro facebook and other sights with errors on it like when unloading its lags alot fix it
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