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Caterpillar 980k v1.0
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Caterpillar 980k v1.0

Bonjour à tous je vous offre ma chargeuse 980k animation de la porte on peut l'ouvrir de l'intérieur ou de l'extérieur elle a le dirt donc elle se salit bonne jeux à tous vous la trouveraient aussi sur ma page Facebook lien ci-dessous


Mise en jeux par : Bosmer_Modding
Specular dirt :Jerome Frabel

merci a tous.

Bosmer_Modding Jérôme Frabel

  • Donovan
    2018-08-08 15:19
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    Merci Bosmer
  • Wood meadow
    2018-08-08 16:53
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    woodmeadow made this mod you should have given him credits
  • Bosmer
    2018-08-08 17:44
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    model buy by me and bet by me also there is not only him who has model
  • Bosmer
    2018-08-08 17:49
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    se model la sais not the version that we find in dl sa sais my own version buy by me and totally put into play animation cylinder door chrome new headlights etc.
  • Lordthundermonkey
    2018-08-08 19:56
    0 0
  • Bosmer
    2018-08-08 20:06
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    between the video model and my big difference model ao animation wheel door etc.
  • You guys are stupid
    2018-08-09 06:04
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    Actually both of you retards are wrong, Polygonish built the model. Then which several people have purchased and ingamed. SO THE ACTUAL CREDITS GO TO POLYGONISH.COM BOSMER you didnt do jack shit nor did WOODMEADOW!
  • Turns out you're the retard
    2018-08-09 14:02
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    You really think BOSMER did nothing to this model to make it work in game? Let me ask you this: Since when could we just drop polygonish models in game, and the work as a 100% complete mod? Oh right, never. So yeah, there is a lot of work to be done to get these in game, even more so for the animations this one's got. Yeah, polygonish may have built the model, but that's all they did. It was made into a functioning mod by BOSMER.
  • @bosmer
    2018-08-10 21:51
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    Hey BOSMER bud is best to keep the mods to your self these fuck sticks are idiots
  • Littlemaxx
    2018-09-13 19:27
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    I've downloaded and tried 3 different zipz of the Cat 980 mod and none of the others would load or if they did load, they wouldn't work. This model does both. Thanks @Bosmer.
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