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Caterpillar Cement Mixer v1.0
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Caterpillar Cement Mixer v1.0

This is my Cat CT660 Cement Mixer. I took the frame backinto blender stretched the frame added rear turning axle's added my new cat wheels changed the chrome and added the cement mixer. Holds 40000 liters of Cement or Concrete. Mixer rotates when full and has tipping animation for left , right, or back.

winston9587, Testing by Toby, Neale , truck model from ATS, cemet mixer by me.

  • Battlecommander
    2018-05-03 14:56 Send message
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    stolen mod
  • Chris
    2018-05-04 05:06 Send message
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    Really why the turning wheels and Cat people don't even bother its not realistic Cat never offered turning wheels. (Cat has discontinued their line and International took over with the HX620, Cat used the old international cab for there trucks also.)
  • Max221
    2018-05-29 00:20 Send message
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    I hate to say this but I agree with Battlecommander. Since Winston himself has been trying to have this mod removed. So Im saying this on Winston's behalf please remove this mod since the only other place this mod has been released according to Winston is Modland.
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