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Caterpillar CT660 v1.1
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Caterpillar CT660 v1.1

Caterpillar CT660 Truck

Version 1.1
Tire texture made even brighter.
Motor data values adjusted
Small texture errors fixed
Smaller settings in the xml

LS-Basic Script & Features
Complete lighting, Animated, color selection, indoor sound, washable (Partial) etc.
various engine Configuration selection
and much more...
Happy Farming :)

winston9587, Carolina Boy, Pussycat

  • Deafgamer
    2016-11-20 04:31 Send message
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    Texture, does it match your ass?
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-20 04:33 Send message
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    I'll have a look. I was going to make a request from the last version on shine as well. LOVE the chrome on the truck, but the body was so shiny that even if I chose solid black for the color, the body itself almost looked chrome. If that can be toned down a bit, that would be awesome.I see someone linked my old review video of the prior version - thanks, but if the changes for this version are major enough I'll be recording a new video :)
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-20 05:38 Send message
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    Power is perfect now. Thank you. PROS: Good power options now, great chrome, great overall design. Interior is awesome. CONS: Engine sounds still seem "fast", if that makes sense. Tires are still solid black and the body is so shiny it overwhelms any color choice. Other than those three cons, I like this truck. Definitely improving :)
  • Chrome
    2016-11-20 20:41 Send message
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    chrome is terribele
  • Allan
    2016-12-03 15:14 Send message
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    it wont even show up in my mods when i down load it
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