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Hello this is the Challenger 1000 Vario séries(1038,1042,1046,1050)with IC,and Challenger weight 3300kg.
Interactive Control with sound,and sound indoor/outdoor for open/close door front,door back and roof.
Wheel wheight,twin whell rear,twin wheel front rear,twin wheel narrow
Wippers(start when it's raining)
Joystick anim
Daschboard light full
Reverse driving
Back loader
Attacher front
and more specialisation.........Good play and tell me if you have a bug.Steph33
Version V1.0 patch 1.3

Good play and tell me if you have a bug.Steph33 W...


  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-30 19:15
    Sweet! Thank you Steph! I assume this uses the same camera definition as the Fendt so I can do the Track IR fix so I am ever so looking forward to this one :)
  • Farmer1602
    2016-11-30 19:48
    Hello Steph,Il est magnifique, en photo. Je DL et vais tester ça aussi.La pub a été faite par claude68 pour le FENDT, et je viens de donner l'info pour ton Challenger.
  • Themarcel
    2016-11-30 20:28
    Merci Steph, c'est super, on pense à toi sur le forum, à part toi aucun moddeur sur le forum French.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-01 09:03
    Gotta love the bots that keep adding completely unrelated videos to these mods. Here is a review of this mod for you folks:https://youtu.be/cVXDOF0mvw4
  • Name
    2016-12-01 21:41
    Nice fendt
  • Fozzy691
    2016-12-04 13:19
    Best mod,work perfectly
  • Razza75
    2016-12-13 12:35
    Really nice Mod, but only one little Problem i have. On Speed up than 50 km/h the Frontwheels dont have full Grip so when you drive a curve u begin to slide. i test it with more weight on front up to 3300 with wheelweight´s but nothing help :-( if this one can be fixed that was so great :-) sorry for my bad english, my german is much better than, hehe best regards
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