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CHALLENGER 1000 v1.0
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CHALLENGER 1000 v1.0

Interactive Control with sound,and sound indoor/outdoor for open/close door front,door back and roof.
Wheel wheight,twin whell rear,twin wheel front rear,twin wheel narrow
Wippers(start when it's raining)
Joystick anim
Daschboard light full
Reverse driving
Back loader
Attacher front
and more specialisation


  • Jacques
    2017-02-03 15:33
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    tient donc encore un vol décidément ça continu aucun respectsStill holds a flight definitely it continues no respect
  • @wtf
    2017-02-03 19:49
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    Agreed, and how is uploading the wrong f*cking videos for the mod????!??!?!?!?!
  • @wtf
    2017-02-03 19:51
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    *Who, now how.
  • Mrwizzard
    2017-02-03 20:10
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    This needs to be removed and "Guest" should not be allowed to upload mods. This is disrespectful to the original mod author. If this keeps up, the legitimate modders will stop uploading on this site.
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