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Challenger Rogator 1300 v1
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Challenger Rogator 1300 v1

Here is the Challenger Rogator.
This sprayer will make short work of your spraying needs.
With a top spraying speed of 28 km/h and a 36m boom.
Has configurations for floaters and stainless steel tank.

Model: Steenkamp Modding
Texture: Steenkamp Modding
Script: Steenkamp Modding
Idea / Concept: Steenkamp Modding
Testing: Steenkamp Modding
Other: Steenkamp Modding/Giants

  • Eng51ine
    2017-03-11 03:37
    ummm.... Eric doesn't sign on here as Eric, and we actually like this mod over at Fuct'D.
  • Me


    2017-03-14 05:31
    We all know about the eric, rory and kevin love triangle and big ole circle jerk they got going on over at that fuct'd tard group and whatever excuse rory has for a group these days. All of them are prepubescent little asses with no comprehension of how the real world works. MASSIVE drama QUEENS the whole lot of them.
  • Me


    2017-03-14 05:33
    Don't like the truth stay off public forums, don't like people sharing your mods then don't release them, don't want people asking about them then don't take pictures and post them so that you can gloat like a douche. It's really all as simple as that but with the little pea brains that those 3 have they can't seem to figure it out. I bet none of them could find their way out of a wet paper sac even if they had directions.
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