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Charlevoix Michigan Farms Beta v1
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Charlevoix Michigan Farms Beta v1

This is my first map for farming simulator 2017. I took alot of time to do this map. Credits go tomyself Randy Kevin Roger Leon Stanley.

Ginats Editor Randy Hutchens Jason Peterman Kevin wats Roger Leon Stanley

  • Guest
    2016-12-27 14:32
    map content plus de "200 erreur" dans le log!!!
  • Mary2015
    2016-12-27 14:57
    its a betta version
  • Bill
    2016-12-27 17:58
    good concept just need a little work
  • Tim121672
    2016-12-27 18:06
    As a map builder and a Michigander I have to say nice work, Just a bit of advise for V2, Keep on the same path, your doing awesome.......
  • Jim


    2016-12-27 18:15
    Awesome map my friend. Needs a little more work but so far you nailed this out of the park. Really good job on your first map.
  • Pauly
    2016-12-27 18:40
    I just sold your map here in Russia. They really liked it. Be putting it on a card spotlight. Maken money brotha. Thanks mate
  • Mozaek
    2016-12-27 19:16
    Map has errros but can easly be fixed. Look forward to your next version. Do you mind if i send this off to are production team and do a review of this map? I like to publish this here in Canada
  • Don


    2016-12-27 19:17
    I'm a fellow Michigander myself born and raised nice map 1st one ive seen in michigan
  • Bigpete
    2016-12-27 19:24
    Dont live to far from this town. I am a Michigander myself. Born an raised in Boyne City, Thanks for this map. Looking forward to a final version
  • Nick
    2016-12-27 19:48
    Very nice map. Good start sir. Thanks for sharing
  • Austin
    2016-12-27 20:13
    hey as a fellow Michigander you did good for your first map and it looks like Charlevoix for sure . I was also wondering if you could try making a map of Yale, Michigan.
  • Ryan
    2016-12-27 20:22
    Any way you could add the big bridge in?
  • Nick
    2016-12-28 05:21
    Hello from Traverse City!
  • Frank
    2016-12-28 22:33
    very good job! can't wit for the update. thank you
  • Jerry
    2016-12-30 20:16
    really good map idea. needs sound in final version. Thanks for building it and sharing.
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