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Cherry Hills Seasons for Alan Jones by Stevie
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Cherry Hills Seasons for Alan Jones by Stevie

FS17 V2b Cherry Hills Seasons for Alan Jones by Stevie 4x mod map update.

Ok please read this.

As I have had to resize the rest of the GDM files you must start a new game, also clear your shader_cache by deleting the folder, the game will make a new one for you. Some of you may now also take a performance hit on this map unless you have a strong PC and high end GPU like we have GTX 980Ti and GTX 1080Ti. Can't be helped and yes this has been another learning curve for me again.

This is update V2b and addresses many things and also switches on the maps dirt and terrain.

Delete the old zip file, unzip the new dowloaded file and place the new map zip into your mods folder. A fixed Kotte Multi tanker is also included and can be found in the shops misc section this handles all fluid triggers in the map for you. Do not use an old save start a new game. After deleting the shader_cache folder load the map and drive around it or use player speed if you have that mod to cache the map back in. Save and exit, load back into the map and play.

Thanks again to all the facebook users helping out and messaging in issues and FS_UK forum members and informative posts.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • What
    2018-03-26 00:20
    runs ok on med setting on my laptop and its a shitter these are tthe specks for other to look at just to give them an idia CPU: AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics Memory: 7112 MB OS: Windows NT 6.3 64-bit just for guid line my get more downloads
  • @what
    2018-03-26 02:13
    Sounds to me you need a better laptop. Those "specks" are shitty...
  • My shit laptop
    2018-03-26 06:13
    its the only game i run on pc ps4 mainly so as long as i can play plesent vally 3 im until nepthew get round to building my other tower im happy lol
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