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Cherry Hills Seasons for Alan Jones v2 by Stevie
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Cherry Hills Seasons for Alan Jones v2 by Stevie

So here's the FS17 Cherry Hills Seasons for Alan Jones V2 4x mod map by Stevie..

Delete the old version do not use the test map save if you have one start a new game save. Unzip the map and place the new map zip file into your mods folder. The map comes with my Kotte Garrant Multi tanker mod as well which will work with the maps liquid triggers this is the same one that comes with Beaver Creek so if you have it already you do not need to put the one included in your mods folder.

Thanks to Dzi4d3k on FS_UK for putting me right with the old maps issues.

I'm not going into listing all of what I have done for the V2 it's to extensive just have fun with it.

Thanks also to everyone on the Facebook page for helping out testing it.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Rolam
    2018-03-24 00:42
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    Perfect map thanks
  • Thecleaner
    2018-03-24 15:05
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    Hey ALAN JONES in the year 2050 your map it's finished
  • Steveo
    2018-05-08 17:36
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    who the hell is alan jones?
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